Weird Nature

Considered the largest living organism ever found the ‘humongous fungus,’ covers nearly 1,000 hectares. Found in Malheur National Forest in Oregon the fungus Armillaria, or honey mushroom is also thought to be 8,650 years old.

If smelling like rotting flesh and feeding off its host plant wasn’t enough, the rafflesia plant has one more reason to be nicknamed the ‘monster flower.’ The plant (also known as a corpse lily) which has no roots or leaves can claim the title of largest flower ever recorded. A rafflesia that bloomed in West Sumatra measured over four feet in diameter.

Canada has more trees per person than any other country in the world. While the country doesn’t have the most trees in the world when scientists estimate the number of trees in each country and how it relates to its size and population, Canadians come out on top with 8,953 trees per person!

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