Does the dessert stomach exist?

From the time humans gathered together to eat meals as families a debate has divided the generations.   Research at the Centre of Research, Gastroenterology and Sweets (CORGAS) is hoping to finally lay to rest an issue that has pitted parent against child since the dawn of time. Does ‘Dessert Stomach’ exist?

“Henry often complains he is too full to finish his dinner but always seems to have room for a big piece of pie,” says exasperated parent Terri Fraser. “I just don’t buy it.”

According to a large number of child scientists the stomach is made up of sections of varying sizes that are responsible for different types of food, the most common being snacks, meals and desserts. According to this theory each stomach section can only accept food according to its designation. As such one section can become ‘full’ while another may be able to accept further sustenance.

“As both a parent and a researcher this has intrigued me,” says Dr. Tony D’eaunut, Head of Research at CORGAS. “The stomach has never ceased to amaze in all its complexity so I definitely wouldn’t rule out the existence of the dessert stomach.”

The study is expected to conclude in six months though there has been pressure from parents groups to speed up the process.  There is also mounting pressure from special interest groups to expand the scope of the findings.

“The possibilities for studies are endless,” says D’eaunut. “ Just this morning we submitted a grant proposal on why carrots could be accepted in the snack and meal stomachs but not in the dessert stomach, even in cake form. Oh, and another studying why ice cream was accepted in all stomachs at any time.”

Until study findings are made public expect to hear, “I’m full, what’s for dessert.”

First published April 1, 2021 -April Fool’s Day

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